Stories From The Smoke Room

Stories From The Smoke Room was a storytelling show I developed in 2019. It began because I have a belief the best story tellers are groups of people in pubs. If you can tell a story in to a group of people in a pub then you know what you are doing.

Story slams are great but miss that competitive element of people butting in with their own opinions, stories and distractions. Stories from the Smoke Room aimed to bring that competitive element in.

Me, Steph Loftus, Autumn Unwin, Hannah Platts and Michael Southan all shared the stage and took it in turns to tell a story and the others can interrupt at any time. It was anarchic, entertaining and hilarious.

It took place at The Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton and was going great guns until we had a massive Global Pandemic. This meant we had to “move things around”.

So SFTSR moved to Twitch and ran weekly all through the pandemic and beyond. The format was pretty much the same but you could watch from the comfort of your own home and in your pants. It might make a return again in the future.