The convention here is for Dave to write about themself in the third person, mention all their best work and all the prizes they’ve won. Dave finds such things to be uncomfortable and a bit circle jerky.

So here is some stuff Dave has been involved in. It’s by no means a complete list and it’s broken down into some form of catergorisation to help you move around. The general jist is… I’m quite a good writer, quite a good poet and quite good at telling stories.

Dave Pitt drinks from a cup of tea while laughing. A red background behind him. He wears a T-Shirt which reads, "The Walking Jed".
Picture by Nicole Lovell
Dave Pitt standing outside a Laundromat in Seattle. He is very happy and holds a thumbs up.
Travelling 4800+ miles to see a Laudromat.

Theatre and Performance


Dave performing on stage speaking into a microphone.
Pic by Matt Cawrey
Stylised picture of Dave Pitt learning against a derelict building.
Pic by Matt Timbers
Very Moody

Mentoring and Workshops


Nice Things Said About Me

"A Black Country Stormzy.”
Jimmy Andrex – Performance Poet.

“Dave Pitt’s headline set was a brilliant bonus at our Fire & Dust night. He delivers his poetry with a Midlands brand of humour, poignancy and compassion that really engaged the crowd. It’s highly relevant material, which, just like life, hits all the emotional highs and lows. Now more than ever, our world needs the raw anger of poets like Dave. Importantly, we also need the laughs he brings – plus those glints of hope, romance and solidarity.”
Raef Boylan – Writer, Poet & Lead Editor of Here Comes Everyone.

“Dave Pitt took an already superb atmosphere and turned it up a notch or two with a superb set. We definitely hope to bring him back to Oooh Beehive again in the future.”
Oooh Beehive, Swindon.

“Dave Pitt writes from the heart and performs his work with energy and passion. Funny and thoughtful. Not to be missed.”
Emma Purshouse (writer and performance poet)

“Dave is the band you hear and want to tell your mates about. The band with loud guitars, gut-thumping bass, and melodies you find yourself humming on the way home. Tunes you dance to. Tunes that remind you how good and how hard and how glorious life can be. Tunes that tell your story. Get ready to pogo.”
Steve Pottinger (writer and performance poet)

“A short story delivered with a comfortable patience that keeps us quiet and loud in all the right places. The final piece of prose brings elbows onto the table tops and some salt in our eyes.”
Birmingham Review.

“Voice of Social Justice”
Review of Performance Poetry gig.