The best, most awesome and wonderful way to contact me is via Email. You can do that by sending a message to:

If you want to book me for a gig, ask me a question or send me compromising microfilm then email is the best.

As far as the socials are concerned you kind of have three options. In order of "me being most likely to see anything you put" it would be, Instagram, Threads and Mastodon.

I used to be on Twitter but let’s be honest, that’s a toxic Hellscape run by a petulant space baby. If you do send me a message on there I might see but it might take a while.

You can also follow me on Twitch and You Tube but my content on those is sporadic. Am I on other social media things? Yes you might find an account but I rarely interact with them. If you want me to see something quick then email and The ‘Gram, Threads or Mastodon are probably the best.

If you see me at a gig then come and say hello.

Finally, if you feel my work is worthy of a coffee or a bit of support then become a Patreon or by me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Thanks.

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