In November 2021 I was, again, the Poet in Residence for IPDA. If you don’t know what that means that’s fine. All you need to know for now is I have to write a poem in about 4 hours on the things being discussed. And I have to do this each day for 3 days.

You probably think, “Oh, that sounds tough” and you’d be right. Mentally it wipes you out but you also feel like you’re seven years old on a bouncy castle.

This year the theme for the conference was Marginalised Voices in Contemporary Times. A theme which I’ve already written pages and pages of stuff on.

So I did my three poems and they were very well received and I got thinking… I’ve got all these other poems about Marginalised Voices I wonder… oh, I’ve got an idea… yeah let’s do that…

And that is how this free eBook came about. Yes, free. I’m giving it away. There are some details in the manuscript if you want to throw a few shekels in the virtual pot for me but don’t feel you have to. If you want to download the book; and why wouldn’t you? It’s free; then visit Smashwords or follow the link below.