Time For A New Revolution

Laura Taylor is a poet and a downright good egg. She kindly came to do Yes We Cant. The Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists show running once a month at The Pretty Bricks in Walsall.

She did a poem about call centre workers and how badly they are treated by callers and managers. It was an excellent poem but it’s not the poem I want to talk about. Go and see Laura perform, watch her do it and form your own opinions.

What I want to talk about is what she said after the poem… it was a call (pun not intended but now I notice it I feel I should point it out) to be kinder to people. The line was:

Kindness is the new revolution.

Now if I’d have heard those words coming out of my mouth I’d have found it impossible not to start rubbing myself at my own awesomeness. Which is probably why I’d never say something this awesome.

Kindness is the new revolution.


It can feel like the world is fracturing around us. Social media, while promising to connect us, is pushing us into echo chambers. Any thoughts which slightly deviate from the accepted norm are stamped on until the person is silenced and if you can’t silence them… we mute them or block them.

Our media, politicians and even friends are breaking us apart. Making us all more angry, less tolerant and more sure we, and them, are in the right.

Notice the word “all” in that sentence. It’s on all sides. I see just as much intolerance for different views on the left and the right. No one side can claim a higher moral ground here.

I’ve been writing a one man show which has connections to these issues. How two people with the same upbringing, same anger and same frustrations end up lashing out in different but both destructive ways. I spend 50 minutes trying to sum up what Laura Taylor says in five words…

Kindness is the new revolution.

And if she said that in the outro to a poem… imagine how good her poems are.