They Don’t Want Working Class Actors

This morning I awoke to this story:

And I have to admire anyone trying to convince these drama schools to reduce their audition fees but I do find the situation futile.

We have to accept that there is every possibility they don’t want working class actors.

You see, there are two reasons for why they introduced these fees.

  1. They wanted to stop working class people infesting their drama schools.
  2. They did it for “another reason” and were too stupid to know charging a fee would discriminate against the working class.

If it’s 2 then they shouldn’t be doing that job. Chances are, it is 1. They simply do not want working class people infesting their drama schools. Imagine them coming in with their accents, comprehensive school educations and a packed lunches made by someone who isn’t an multilingual nanny.

Chances are these fees will be stopped. The current campaign will see to that. But the attitudes behind them won’t be. Behind locked doors the people who instigated these fees will still be gate keepers. Either stupid gatekeepers or prejudiced gatekeepers. But probably prejudiced.

Prejudice is prejudice is prejudice.