Poetry is Jazz. Welcome to Punk Rock

Poetry is Jazz. Welcome to Punk Rock is my first collection of poetry to hit the shelves both virtually and physically. It is full of attitude, hard edged, sometimes funny, sometimes uncomfortable but impossible to ignore. You can buy the eBook version from Amazon and if you want a paperback then just email me and we’ll sort something out.

But it is not just poetry for the page. It’s also meant to be performed. You can see me performing some pieces from this book to “sample the goods”.

“Dave Pitt writes from the heart and performs his work with energy and passion. Funny and thoughtful. From the laugh out loud punchlines of poems like Perfect Woman to the lyrical love poem that is ‘Tattooed Bride’, Pitt offers us his distinct world view. Not to be missed.”
Emma Purshouse (writer and performance poet)”

“‘letting myself down’ and ‘tattooed bride’ are two of the most beautiful and powerful things I’ve ever read. They are that good they made me angry that I hadn’t written them, they made me want to go away and write stuff myself, they made me want to be better and that’s the power of this collection.”
Review of the book on Amazon.co.uk

“This is punk rock, and Dave is the band you hear and want to tell your mates about. The band with loud guitars, gut-thumping bass, and melodies you find yourself humming on the way home. Tunes you dance to. Tunes that remind you how good and how hard and how glorious life can be. Tunes that tell your story. Get ready to pogo.”
Steve Pottinger (writer and performance poet)