New Video – With Added Music

It’s been a crazy few months. While not much appears to have been happening (beyond day job and loads of gigs) there has been activity in the background. It’s like the stage hands in Hamiliton. Those things don’t just appear from holes in the floor. People have to put them in the right place so they appear through the holes. That’s a long winded way of saying it’s like ducks paddling but I felt that was too cliched.

Anyway, I was contacted by a guy called Neil Simpson. This was a bit weird because I know someone called Neil Simpson and at first I thought it was him but it wasn’t. Another Neil Simpson entirely. This Neil Simpson is a bass player for the Climax Blues Band and Roy Wood which I think is pretty impressive. It turns out Neil (a real musician with genuine talent) had seen me at a gig, liked my Internet poem and decided to download it and put it to music. Right from that first take it was amazing but seeing as I’d upgraded my microphone I asked if he wanted me to rerecord the vocals. What followed were numerous rerecordings, emails and discussions until we get the video below. I love my Internet poem. I love performing it and it always gets a good reaction but to see what Neil did amazes me. It’s just lifted it to another dimension.

Anyway, here it is… Internet, I’ve Lost My Faith in You with added music from Neil Simpson.