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Dave Does Ted

On 6th April 2019 I will be doing entertainment at TedX Wolverhampton. Yes, that is a bit distanced from the horrendous image you had in your head from my deliberately click baitery title. I’m really quite chuffed that the little sibling of Ted Talks is coming to Wolverhampton. It feels like we’re a semi-pro football […]

Bert Does Well

I’m happy. My play, Bert, had a rather good night at this year’s Worcestershire Theatre Festival. The production by Holly Bush Arts has already been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and run around a few other places so let’s just say they did a grand job. It won best overall play, best set and best […]

A Live Performance

I needed some footage of me performing for a gig I’m applying for. I do have such things but it made me realise I didn’t have anything of me performing live at any recent gigs. So armed with a set, an audience and a GoPro I came up with this. Enjoy.

2018. What a Year!

As I prepare myself to enter a New Year it’s worth meditating on the last one. It’s been a year filled with some real positives. I travelled to Seattle to take part in 14/48. The PPP collective has gone from strength to strength. I’ve written a couple of plays and at least one poem a […]

New Website and Other Stuff

If you’ve been here before you’ll know things have changed… this web site for starters. There were some issues with things in the background. All round top bloke Alan who does wonderful web wonders for me moved servers and when I did I realised I hated the look of my website. I then spent a […]

Post Show Thoughts

Last night was the debut of “Poets, Prattlers and Pandemonialists”. A mix of poetry and theatre Emma Purshouse, Steve Pottinger and I have been putting together over the last few months. To say it went well is an understatement. At 5.15am, suffering from lack of sleep and too many pints of real ale and some […]

Poetry Collection Now Available.

It is now available… yes, the cover you see to your left is my first poetry collection. “Poetry is Jazz. Welcome to Punk Rock.” The title comes from something a friend said to me a while ago. “The trouble with poetry Dave is it’s like Jazz. The people who perform it enjoy it more than […]