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Scally Lads, Handbags and Razorblades (Audio Book)

Just a note to say you can download an audio recording of my short story Scally Lads, Handbags and Razorblades from Bandcamp. The text can also be downloaded and read on Smashwords. Do you want some better news? It’s free. I can’t say fairer than that, can I?

More Claptrap

As a nice little pre-Christmas surprise I have been asked to headline Permission to Speak in Stourbridge next Wednesday (11th December 2019). I wouldn’t normally write a blog post for a gig; let’s be honest, I don’t write many blog posts. Yet I think this one deserves something. All round good egg Rob Francis has […]


I don’t like the Internet all that much anymore. See what I mean? Now look, I know I’m writing this on the Internet and that video is on the Internet. I know. I’m not saying the Internet is Satan or anything. But it’s definitely an incredibly funny but unstable child with a fixation on stabbing […]

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