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14/48 #012: Kirsty Mealing – Director

What’s better than having a 14/48 script to direct? Having 2 14/48 scripts to direct. This is what happened to Kirsty Mealing on the first day as writer Matt Beames submitted 2 scripts. Just before the first performance on Friday night we caught up with Mealing to see what it’s like to have a choice […]

14/48 #011: The First Performance

It is close to showtime cast and crew are scattered around the Y. The design team, dressed all in black like set building ninjas congregate backstage. The band and tech team are in place. The actors either wait backstage or upstairs in the Y’s glorious balcony. Amongst them you can feel the energy. They sit in […]

14/48 #010: Hannah Torrance – Director

Some days you are pigeon. Some days you are a statue. What day is it when you have to direct Neil Reading in a fat suit? Natalie Beech’s script called for a man of much girth but the Cup of Androgyny brought forth nought but the sleight of waist. None of this has phased Hannah […]

14/48 #009: They Even Make East 17 Bearable

Sitting atop a riser at the side of the stage is the 14/48 band. 6 individuals surrounded by instruments, notebooks and cables. Stuart Reid walks in and asks about the tunes. The band nod and notes are sung. Chords are struck. It’s haphazard while they find the notes then it drops into place. Did this […]

14/48 #008: Rehearsals #2

Through another maze of corridors in the Y is The Percy Barratt room. Inside, chairs are assembled to represent a life raft. Georgia Penney, Perdita Lawton and Samantha Hobson sit inside this makeshift dinghy. Alex Turner (Not that one) stands to the side. They run through the script. It’s apparent they are lines from the […]

14/48 #007: A Relaxed Design Team

Design Team (Designius Tu Povet) is a lifeform made of many species living co-operatively. They exist to create sets and props for 14/48. The natural enemy of Designius Tu Povet is Davud Pittus. A writer who deliberately sets plays in strange locations in the hope of forcing Designius Tu Povet into crying salt water tears of despair. […]

14/48 #006: Rehearsals #1

The rehearsals for day one have started. Two groups (Play 5 and Play 7) have been assigned the sports hall. This is a journey into the bowels of the Y through a maze of corridors. You can’t help screaming, “HELLO CLEVELAND.” The two groups sit in circles in the sports hall, their worlds separated by a […]

14/48 #005: Shaun Hartman – Writer

It is just before 9am on Friday morning and Shaun Hartman doesn’t look like a writer who hasn’t slept in over 26 hours. This is the first time Shaun has written for 14/48. His script was submitted just over an hour before the deadline. The debut word pile is about a band given an opportunity to sell […]

14/48 #004: The First Company Meeting

There was speculation this would be a dry festival. The speculation was wrong. A group of Wolverhampton layabouts descended on Leicester for 14/48. They all arrived by 2pm. This left the group with a few hours to kill which were killed in a pub. At 19:26 as we wait for the company meeting to start a […]

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