Boundary Way Poems

Can you see the photo on the right? can you see the little painted shed? Well that was my first view of the painted shed when myself and the other Pandemonialists went to Boundary Way allotments. We’d been tasked with writing poems about an allotment. Poems… about an allotment.

Sometimes you get these commissions and think, “Can I do this?” and more importantly, “Can I do a good job at this?” When I looked down the path and saw that shed my brain immediately said, “You’ve got this Dave. No problem.”

We had a lovely few hours walking around the allotment and meeting some of the people there. In the midst of a global pandemic it was nice to make connections again.

Then we all scurried away to our own writing dens and wrote our poems. Then the amazing Rachel Gillies took them and turned them into films.

And let’s not be in any doubt the amazing job Rachel did. Her shot selection and editing are top notch and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

So without further ado, click the image below to go to Vimeo and see all three poems in their audio/visual glory.