Time For A New Revolution

Laura Taylor is a poet and a downright good egg. She kindly came to do Yes We Cant. The Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists show running once a month at The Pretty Bricks in Walsall. She did a poem about call centre workers and how badly they are treated by callers and managers. It was an […]

Eeeeee Twitter Purge

I’ve just completed a Twitter Purge. It felt good. Like I was stripping wallpaper and I grabbed at a small corner and the whole strip came away in one go leaving a perfectly flat bit of plaster. The purge itself wasn’t of people I follow but my own Tweets. It’s not the first time I’ve […]

They Don’t Want Working Class Actors

This morning I awoke to this story: And I have to admire anyone trying to convince these drama schools to reduce their audition fees but I do find the situation futile. We have to accept that there is every possibility they don’t want working class actors. You see, there are two reasons for why they […]

New Website and Other Stuff

If you’ve been here before you’ll know things have changed… this web site for starters. There were some issues with things in the background. All round top bloke Alan who does wonderful web wonders for me moved servers and when I did I realised I hated the look of my website. I then spent a […]

I’m Awful At Updating My Blog

If you only followed me through this blog you’d think nothing happened since May. Yet in reality I’ve done Edinburgh Fringe, helped set up a successful poetry night, had another play performed (see wicked image to the left), struck a great relationship with another theatre company, helped set up some events for Wolverhampton Literary Festival, […]

14/48 #022: Last Message

I’ve been told there are “requests” to see this. 14/48 Leicester. This is my message to you:   Hang on, let me pester you. We few came here to Leicester The Shrewsbury of the East. We came to feast on our creative juices. Let us smile, consider what we’ve achieved. Who’d have believed we’d get […]

14/48 #021: The Final Night

There is a theory┬áin 14/48 which speculates the second┬ánight will always be bigger than the first. The writers and director’s have seen what’s capable. The design team and tech teams have found their groove. The band are slicker. The final night of this festival offered more proof this was true. The comedy got bigger. There […]

14/48 #020: Matt Cawrey – Videographer

Matt Cawrey is part of the 14/48 furniture. He has photographed many 14/48 festivals and while he has his camera, stills are not on his mind. “In the spirit of 14/48 and trying out new stuff I am filming this festival.” While the jump from still to video may seem minor it’s actually a massive […]

14/48 #019: Paul Rogers – Design Team

Paul Rogers is a man who has done a lot of 14/48 in a lot of disciplines. The only thing he hasn’t done is writing. This festival finds him on the design team. So why does he keep coming back for more? “It’s a lot of fun. It’s just about the challenge of doing really […]

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