Poetry Collection Now Available.

It is now available… yes, the cover you see to your left is my first poetry collection. “Poetry is Jazz. Welcome to Punk Rock.”

The title comes from something a friend said to me a while ago. “The trouble with poetry Dave is it’s like Jazz. The people who perform it enjoy it more than the people watching it.”

I don’t think he liked poetry. Or he played Jazz. And he’s never mentioned Jazz before so I’m opting for the former.

If you think Poetry is Jazz then the title explains why you should read this book. If you think poetry is great then still read this book. It is poetry.

It is now available on Amazon as an eBook but if you want a paperback then email me and we will sort something out. Or, if you see me at a show then stick around because I’m bound to be hawking it at some point.

Poetry is Jazz. Welcome to Punk Rock. Out now. Buy my pretties… buy.

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