14/48: #017: Emma Bamford

On the edge of the stage, swinging her legs, is Emma Bamford. She is dressed as either a bee or a fat wasp. “Today I am playing a bee.” That cleared that up then. What character is her bee. “Stoned.” I asked if she is method acting while I look for a man called Frank. […]

14/48 #016: Jenny Hibberd – Band

Inside the main auditorium the band are on a well earned break. Sitting on her stool and plucking at an electric ukulele is Jenny Hibberd. The notes rings out and fill the air with harmonics. She is doing what musicians might call “noodling”. It sounded fantastic. Electric uke is not her only instrument. Depending on […]

14/48 #014: Rehearsals #3

When working with creatives it can be difficult to know what’s real and make believe. So when you see Remi Legache giving James Kerr a head massage while humming gently it’s a good idea to not laugh. At least until you’ve checked they are rehearsing. Fortunately they were rehearsing. It’s a good job I found out because […]

14/48: #013: Jess Green – Writer

Jess Green is a writer and performance poet who is a veteran of 14/48. She has written for Leicester and Wolverhampton festivals. We catch up with her on the Saturday morning after she’s had about 6 hours sleep in the last 2 days. “I had most of my sleep yesterday. I had an hour and a half […]

14/48 #012: Kirsty Mealing – Director

What’s better than having a 14/48 script to direct? Having 2 14/48 scripts to direct. This is what happened to Kirsty Mealing on the first day as writer Matt Beames submitted 2 scripts. Just before the first performance on Friday night we caught up with Mealing to see what it’s like to have a choice […]

14/48 #011: The First Performance

It is close to showtime cast and crew are scattered around the Y. The design team, dressed all in black like set building ninjas congregate backstage. The band and tech team are in place. The actors either wait backstage or upstairs in the Y’s glorious balcony. Amongst them you can feel the energy. They sit in […]

14/48 #010: Hannah Torrance – Director

Some days you are pigeon. Some days you are a statue. What day is it when you have to direct Neil Reading in a fat suit? Natalie Beech’s script called for a man of much girth but the Cup of Androgyny brought forth nought but the sleight of waist. None of this has phased Hannah […]

14/48 #009: They Even Make East 17 Bearable

Sitting atop a riser at the side of the stage is the 14/48 band. 6 individuals surrounded by instruments, notebooks and cables. Stuart Reid walks in and asks about the tunes. The band nod and notes are sung. Chords are struck. It’s haphazard while they find the notes then it drops into place. Did this […]

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